Show customer and carrier account tags within shipments

Tags in Turvo are a powerful tool to help organize accounts based on terms, needs, or issues. You may find it useful to create and assign tags to your customer and carrier accounts to quickly identify information about that account. A tag indicating that your customer is eligible for spot rates or that a carrier has QuickPay terms can be useful both when viewing the account or filtering for accounts using the Tags filter.

By default, account tags are visible only from within the Accounts page. However, users with Admin access or above can configure your tenant so that the tags that are assigned to the shipment customer’s and/or carrier’s accounts can be viewed from within the shipments they are associated with. This way you can quickly see the tags assigned to the customer or carrier that may affect your workflow for the shipment.

Note: Customer and carrier account tags are managed using the Fast Action Button (FAB) from within the account page. See our #Tags in Turvo and Understanding the Fast Action Button (FAB) articles to learn more about adding and managing tabs from the account page.

Important Note: This feature only makes these tags visible from within the shipment to users in your tenant. The account tags are not assigned to the shipment, nor are they shared to your connected shipping partners.

Accessing the configuration

  1. Navigate to the Admin console by clicking on your profile icon in the top right corner of Turvo.
  2. Click the Admin console option in the drop-down.

  1. Click the Settings tile to access your tenant’s settings.

  1. In the Admin console > Settings page, click the Shipments section header to expand the shipment settings.
  2. Click the Tags segment header to expand the shipment tags settings.

  1. You will see two toggles:
    1. If the Show tags on Customer to Shipment toggle is in the ON position, all tags that are assigned to the shipment’s customer’s account are visible from within the shipment.
    2. If the Show tags on Carrier to Shipment toggle is in the ON position, all tags that are assigned to the shipment’s carrier’s account are visible from within the shipment.
    3. Note: These toggles will be OFF by default. The toggles are grey when OFF and turn blue when in the ON position.

  1. Activate one or both of the toggles. Then click SAVE to apply these changes to your tenant.

Note: After any changes are made in Settings, a Confirmation required pop-up will appear. Because changing your tenant’s s ettings may affect multiple users throughout your tenant, you’ll need to confirm you’d like to make the changes.

You’ll also have the option to force all users to refresh their tenant, in order for the changes to apply. It’s recommended that you refresh your browser or log out and log back in to your tenant once your changes are complete for them to take effect for you as well.

Viewing Customer and carrier account tags in shipments

After toggling on these settings, the associated account tags will be visible within the shipment.

To view the customer or carrier tags from within a shipment:

  1. Open the shipment’s Details tab. 
  2. Look at the section header at the top of the shipment’s Customers and/or Carriers block. A Tags icon will be visible on the right side of the section header for each assigned customer and/or carrier.
  3. Hover your cursor over the icon to see the account’s tags.

Keep in mind that these tags are not actually assigned to the shipment, but are simply surfaced with the customer or carrier accounts to provide additional visibility. Also, remember the following differences between these account tags and tags that are assigned to shipments:

  • These account tags cannot be updated or removed from the Tags card in the shipment’s Summary tab or by accessing the shipment’s tags from the FAB.
  • Any changes will need to be done from the customer’s or carrier’s account using the FAB. Changes to the account’s tags will then be reflected in tags that are visible in the shipment.
  • If a customer or carrier is removed from the shipment, then tags copied from their account will be removed from the shipment, unless another customer or carrier with the same tag(s) is still assigned to the shipment.
  • If you are using the Tags filter in the Shipments page to search for shipments, filtering for a tag that is associated with customer or carrier accounts will not return shipments for that customer or carrier.

Note: If you are filtering for shipments with specific tags, customer and carrier account tags will not appear. Only tags that are manually assigned to the shipment will appear in the filter.

Learn more about Tags and accounts in Turvo

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