Turvo's P44 Carrier push integration

Turvo’s project44 (P44) integration can be used for less-than-truckload (LTL) shipment rating and booking, as a telematics carrier integration with your over-the-road assets to sync tracking information from your P44 account to your Turvo shipments, or as a visibility broker integration where multiple truckload (TL) shipments in P44 can be tracked in Turvo.

In this integration, Turvo pushes location data to Project44. This integration is for carriers and brokers who need to send location updates from Turvo to Project44 to meet their customer's tracking compliance needs.

For more detailed information on our suite of P44 integrations, see:

P44 setup prerequisites

When your customer makes the request to receive location updates from Turvo, you will need to gain access to P44’s Visibility Operations Center (VOC). Follow the below instructions to obtain access to the VOC:

  • For North America and LATAM customers:
    • Email api.carriers.na@project44.com with the email address you want to register as the admin for your account and the name of the customer you are integrating.
  • For UE and APAC customers:
    • Email api.carriers.eu@project44.com with the email address you want to register as the admin for your account and the name of the customer you are integrating.

Important Note: To generate O Auth 2.0 credentials in the next step, a carrier tenant and a user must be created in P44 with access to VOC. 

Next, reach out to P44 to obtain O Auth 2.0 Authentication credentials. P44 will provide you with:

  • Client Name
  • Client ID
  • Client Secret

Store these credentials in a safe place. You will need them in the following steps.

Configuring P44 in Integration hub

The steps below outline the process for enabling the integration via the Integration hub:

  1. Click your profile icon in the top right corner and select Admin console from the drop-down.


  2. Click on the Integration hub tile.


  3. Scroll down to the Load boards/Tracking integrations section and click the Turvo → project44 tile.


  4. On the Integrations tab, enter your credentials:
      • Client ID
      • Client Secret

  5. Click CONNECT.


Enabling the Customer for tracking updates

Once your P44 integration is enabled, you need to enable the customer in Accounts > Customer > Select Customer > Details > Settings > Integrations.

  1. Navigate to Accounts > Customers and select the customer you are enabling location updates for. 


  2. Click the Details tab and expand the Settings segment.


  3. On the expanded Settings segment, click Integrations.


  4. Click the P44 toggle to the blue ON position and enter the information in the following fields:
    • Enter P44 Customer ID: Enter P44 customer name
    • Bill of Lading: Select BOL# from the drop-down
    • Order: Select Order# from the drop-down

  5. Click SAVE.


  6. Navigate to the shipment you want to track and click the Details tab.


  7. Scroll to the Customers block and click IDs.


  8. Add the Shipment IDs to the shipment.

Note: The Shipment IDs entered in Turvo must match what is present in P44.


Location updates can now be gathered by Turvo for this shipment and will begin to surface on the shipment’s timeline in P44.

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