Turvo's P44 Broker TL Visibility Provider integration

Turvo’s project44 (P44) integration can be used for less-than-truckload (LTL) shipment rating and booking, as a telematics carrier integration with your over-the-road assets to sync tracking information from your P44 account to your Turvo shipments, or as a visibility broker integration where multiple truckload (TL) shipments in P44 can be tracked in Turvo.

This integration is is a push/pull where Turvo sends a payload to P44 (push) and P44 pings location updates to Turvo (pull), used for Turvo customers who are tracking shipments in P44, generally through the P44 driver app or ELD connected carrier and would like those tracking updates to be shared back to Turvo. 

For more detailed information on our suite of P44 integrations, see:

P44 setup prerequisites

You will need to have an account with P44 in order to complete this integration. Reach out to P44 to obtain your Visibility Operations Center (VOC) credentials.

Integrating Turvo with P44 as a Visibility provider

Configuring P44 in Integration hub

The steps below outline the process for enabling the integration via the Integration hub:

  1. Click your profile icon in the top right corner and select Admin console from the drop-down.


  2. Click on the Integration hub tile.


  3. Scroll down to the Telematics providers section and click the project44 → Turvo tile.


  4. On the Integrations tab, enter your credentials:
  5. Click CONNECT.


Note: Webhooks are auto-registered when enabling integration via Integration hub; tagging carriers with P44 is not required.

Using P44 as a tracking provider in Turvo

Once your integration configuration is complete, you can start tracking your shipments via carriers identified as P44 tracking providers. Follow the steps below to track shipments via P44 carriers:

  1. Navigate to the shipment you want to track via P44 and click the Details tab.


  2. Scroll down to the Carriers segment and click Tracking provider.


  3. If no provider is specified, click +Add tracking provider and select Project44 as the Sensor provider.
  4. Select Vehicle ID as the Asset identifier type. 
    • Note: If you do not have a Vehicle ID, you can select Mobile here. 
    • Note: Asset identifier type and value are not mandatory for API connected carriers.
  5. If you selected Vehicle ID as the asset identifier type, input the vehicle ID number in the Asset identifier value field. 
    • Note: If you selected Mobile as the asset identifier type, input the driver mobile number in the Asset identifier value field. 


  6. Once tracking begins, you will see the tracking symbol turn blue.


  7. You can click the blue tracking symbol to see tracking updates sent from P44.


    Note: To ensure consistency of location and shipment status updates between P44 and Turvo, it is recommended that location geofence distance match in both systems.

    In Turvo, you can view the geofence distance by navigating to Locations > Select Location  > select Edit from Summary tab > click General.


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