Manage connections in the Network tab

The Network tab in Turvo allows you to view all of your partner connections all in one place. You can also send connections to new carriers and partners, manage pending invitations, and view suggested internal network partners.

Finding the Network tab

To access the Network tab, hover over the left navigation bar and select Network.

When the Network opens, it will default to the All view, but you can choose to toggle to Recommended, Invited, or Connected to view other connections in your Turvo tenant.

Network tab views


The All tab shows a consolidated view of all of your connections including invited, recommended, and connected.


The Recommended tab contains the top 25 non-connected Customer and Carrier accounts sorted by the number of historical shipments, in descending order.

If you’d like to remove a recommended Customer or Carrier from the page, click the 3 dot icon at the top right of the card and select Dismiss.  


The Invited tab shows all of the pending invites you’ve sent out to your partners.

If you’d like to resend a pending invite, click INVITE CONTACTS at the bottom of the card to bring up the resend invite modal. From there, locate the invitation you’d like to resend and click Resend.


The Connected tab is a consolidated list of all of your connected partners. Your connected partners will have a blue Turvo icon next to the customer or carrier’s profile image on the card.

If you’d like to disconnect from a connected partner, click on the 3 dot icon and select Disconnect from the drop down.

Card view

Your Network tab is shown in card view by default. Depending on the type of connection (either carrier or customer), you’ll see the following information:

Carrier card details

  • Account name:
  • Account type: Carrier
  • MC, DOT, SCAC numbers
  • Account location
  • Number of historical shipments

Customer card details

  • Account name
  • Account type: Customer
  • Account location
  • Number of shipments
  • Net revenue

List view

Here you will find a list of all the connections on shipments that you can view. Click the three dots in the upper right corner to configure which column data is important for you to manage your connections.

Protip: Turvo will automatically save your column selection and order to an applied filter.


Use filters to narrow down your list of connections by Account name, Account type, or Customer ID. To filter your connections, click the filter icon and enter the appropriate fields.

You can also save filters for quick access in the future by clicking Save as… at the bottom of the filter modal. To access these saved filters, click the My filters button at the top of the modal.

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