Legacy inventory: Place and release holds on lots and pallets

You can manage inventory directly in Turvo instead of contacting your representative at the warehouse. Placing or releasing a hold in Turvo notifies your representative and automatically adjusts the status and treatment of that inventory.

Placing inventory on hold means it can’t be allocated to a shipment or an order. This can happen for a variety of reasons: needs to go through quality control, it is being counted, etc.

Note: Inventory is not enabled by default. To start using Turvo’s inventory visibility feature, contact your Turvo representative for more information.

Step 1:

Locate the inventory item where you’d like to place or release a hold through the Inventory section of the left navigation or by searching for it in the global search bar.

Step 2:

Click into the inventory item, then select the Inventory tab.

Step 3:

At the top left of the Inventory tab, select whether you’d like to view Lots or Pallets.

Protip: You can filter your Lot or Pallet results using the filters available to the right of the Lots/Pallets buttons.

Step 4:

Hover over the left side of the inventory item row and click the checkbox next to the appropriate rows.

Protip: When making bulk updates, you can quickly select multiple rows at a time by holding down shift and clicking the first and last rows of the group you need to edit, rather than clicking each row individually. Alternatively, you can use the Select All checkbox on the left of the header row to select all visible rows, up to the first 50 results. You can also bulk deselect the rows by clicking the blue “-” button at the top of the column.


Step 5:

Once your desired lots or pallets are selected, you’ll see a blue bar appear at the bottom of the Inventory tab. Click MANAGE INVENTORY at the right of that blue bar.

From there, you’ll have the option to either Place hold or Release hold, select the appropriate Hold code from the drop down menu, and enter the Reason for placing or releasing the hold on the lots/pallets.

Note: The hold codes available in the drop down are predetermined by the logistics service provider.

Step 6:

Once all of the appropriate information has been entered, the PLACE or RELEASE button will change from grey to blue. Click PLACE or RELEASE to save your changes.

A progress block will appear at the bottom right of your screen where you can view the progress of the holds. Once the holds are complete, you’ll see whether they’ve been approved or rejected within this progress block. Inventory holds will take a few minutes to update once processed because inventory updates come through the message bus, rather than the request itself.

Protip: Clicking the down arrow in the top right corner of the progress block will minimize the block and the X will close the block out completely. If you close the block completely, you won’t be able to bring the block back to check the progress of the holds.

Viewing inventory holds

Once a hold has been placed or released on an inventory item, you can view the details of the inventory hold request on the Timeline tab. There you can see the hold code, reason, the lot(s) or pallet(s) impacted by the hold, and the status.

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