Data Retention Practice

Turvo must retain specific data types to carry out client service delivery obligations and to meet legal and regulatory requirements. Turvo maintains the minimum necessary data to meet these requirements. The table below outlines the length of time data will be retained by data type.

Client Data
Data Type Retention Period
Client Data (unless otherwise defined below)* 3 years
Telemetry/location data for GPS
(of individual)
3 months
Timeline/Activity data for Shipment, Order, Inventory, and Appointments 4 months (move to Turvo archive for a period not to exceed 3 years)
De-identified analytical or aggregated data As long as needed

            * Does not include transactional or master data that is "active." 
These data retention practices are effective as of September 3, 2021. Turvo will remove the data defined in the table above after the retention period according to a Turvo-defined periodic schedule.

Turvo will continue to revise the data retention guidelines in alignment with business requirements and industry best practices.  

Contact your Turvo Representative if you have any questions.

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