Send an exception link to a carrier

Exceptions are used to track and manage unforeseen events that happen along the route, which could affect when a carrier arrives at the pickup or delivery location. Often, you need to request an update or additional information from the carrier in order to resolve the exception.

Instead of constantly contacting your carriers via phone calls, emails, and spreadsheets, the Turvo exceptions link enables carriers to provide updates proactively and independently - even if they do not yet have Turvo. Now that an exception contact is assigned to the carrier, the contact will receive an email when an exception is added to a shipment that they’re covering and the exception type is configured to share to carriers.

For information on managing exceptions, see Adding and updating an exception on a shipment and Managing exceptions with Workbench.

Note: If your organization has exceptions enabled in your tenant, you’ll see the option to add an exception appear under the Fast Action Button. If you do not currently have exceptions enabled, please reach out to your Turvo representative.

Exceptions can also be shared with other Turvo-connected tenants. The ability to share exceptions is not enabled by default. Please reach out to your Turvo representative to have sharing configured.

Managing carrier exception contacts

Configure which contacts at a carrier account should receive automatic email requests for exception updates.

Prior to configuring which contacts at a carrier account should receive email requests for exception updates, make sure the contact is associated with the carrier in their Details tab under the Profile block. If the contact isn’t associated with the carrier, they won’t show in the drop-down list as an option.

Step 1:

Navigate to the carrier account that you want to set up exception contacts for. Use the global search bar and type in the carrier name, or click Accounts > Carriers from the left navigation menu and filter your account list to locate.

Step 2:

Once in the Carrier’s page, click the Details tab then on the General block to expand it. Then, click Exception contacts.

Step 3:

Start typing the name of the contact you want to send exception update requests to, and select that contact from the dropdown.

Note: A contact must have an email address present to be selected. If the contact doesn’t have an email address, it’ll show in the drop down greyed out and will not be able to be selected.

If you don’t yet have the right contact created, click + New contact. This will open the Create contact modal. An email address will be required when creating a contact to receive exception links.

To send the exception links to multiple contacts, click + Add contact.

Step 4:

The SAVE button in the bottom right corner will change from grey to blue once you’ve selected a Contact. Click SAVE. To learn about the carrier workflow through the link, see Updating exceptions with the Turvo exceptions link.

Final step:

To configure which exception types should share to carriers via the Turvo exceptions link, and how often you want to send email reminders to your carrier contacts, please contact your Turvo representative.

Manually creating exception links

Generating and sharing a link allows the Carrier to provide updates on all open exceptions that have been shared to them. In the event you need to create a one-off exception link to send to your carrier, you can do so in the Settings block of the Details tab of the Carrier’s page.

Click the Settings block to expand it, then click Sharing to show the Turvo exceptions link option.

To generate an exceptions link, click GENERATE LINK. A modal will populate giving you the option to send the exception link via email, or copy the exception URL code to send manually.

Turvo will automatically populate the name and email address of contacts that are configured to receive exception links in the Carrier account. To add additional recipients, click + Add contact and begin typing the name of the contact or select them from the drop-down list. Then, click the green check mark to save your changes.

Note: Like configuring automatic exception link emails, be sure your contact is associated with the carrier in their Details tab under the Profile block. Otherwise they won’t show in the drop-down list.

To remove a contact from receiving the email, click the check mark next to their name to uncheck the box. Those contacts with checkmarks next to their names will receive the email, while those that are unchecked will not.

Once complete, click SEND to send your carrier exception link!

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