Sharing locations in Turvo

You can share a location and and location details through the Sharing tab in a Location. This is  helpful if you need to send locations to your supply chain partners in advance of any orders or shipments with all of the necessary information in place.

Once shared, certain information updated on the location in your tenant automatically updates the location in shared tenants. This gives your supply chain partners the most up-to-date information on your locations without having to manually contact them.

This article covers how to share locations with other connected Turvo tenants and what information is shared with them. Before configuring sharing for your locations, we’d recommend reading on creating a location and managing the advanced location details.

How to share locations in Turvo

Step 1:

Open a location either through the left navigation bar or by searching for it in the global search bar.

Step 2:

Click on the Sharing tab.

Step 3:

Click + Add account and enter the name of the account you’d like to share the location. Then, select them from the drop-down menu and click the green check mark to save your changes.

Protip: To streamline the process, it’s best to create the account prior to establishing sharing on the location. See our help articles on creating Customers, Carriers, and Factors for more information.

When an account is added, the sharing toggle in the on position and be blue. To turn sharing off at any point, click the toggle to the off position. When sharing is toggled off for an account, the toggle will be grey.

Toggling off sharing with an account will prevent future location updates from sharing with this account, but not remove the location from their tenant.

Information shared with the account

Once sharing is enabled on a location, the following information will be shared to the account(s):

  • Information in the Details tab
    • Location name 
    • Address information
      • Latitude/Longitude
      • Geofences
    • Email(s) and phone number(s)
      • Primary contact information
    • Any special instructions and directions
    • IDs*
  • Scheduling information
    • Scheduling type and Hours of operation
      • Receiving hours
      • Shipping hours

*Note: IDs are only shared if the account has been entered into the Account (optional) field of the ID, as well as sharing being enabled. For more information, see our Managing advanced location details article.

Updates made to the above fields in your tenant will automatically update the location information to all shared tenants.* Recipients can also edit and remove location information (excluding IDs) in their tenant. Any updates made to the location information in a recipient’s tenant will automatically update the location in your tenant as well.

You can view updates made to the location in the Timeline tab. Each entry will show the time the update was made, who updated the location and what organization they’re part of.

While recipients cannot edit or remove IDs from the location, they can add new IDs. Any IDs added to the location with your organization in the Account (optional) field will automatically share back to your tenant. You will not be able to edit or remove any shared IDs added by a recipient.

Recipient tenants can also add and manage information in their tenant on the location once it’s shared. The following details can be added and managed by the recipient and will not share back to your tenant:

  • Groups 
  • Shipments
  • Documents
  • Notes
  • Contacts

Note: Information you’ve added to these tabs for the location will not share with the recipient. Shipments will only share if the recipient is associated with it as a customer, carrier, factor, or stop.

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