Contacts and contact sharing

Turvo allows you to assign contacts to specific locations, customers, carriers, etc., which can then be shared with other connected tenants when added to your shipments. This article covers where to find contacts across your tenant and how different contacts are shared across tenants by shipments, locations, etc. We recommend viewing our article on How to create a contact prior to viewing this one, for a better understanding of how contacts are created in Turvo.

Understanding contacts

A contact in Turvo is someone outside of your organization that is the point person for a shipment, location, etc. Contacts can be associated to any of the following areas within your tenant simultaneously:

  • Locations
  • Customer accounts
  • Carrier accounts
  • Shipments
  • Orders

To determine if a contact is associated with one or multiple accounts, locations, etc., click on the Details tab when on a contact’s page. There you will see which and how many accounts, locations, etc. are associated with the contact.

To see how many contacts are associated with a customer account, carrier account, or a location, click the Contacts tab within the customer account, carrier account, or location.

Primary contact

Customer accounts, carrier accounts, and locations can have multiple contacts associated with them, but will have only one Primary contact. The Primary contact is the person within that organization who is the first point of contact with any questions concerning that customer/carrier account, location, or any shipments linked to them.

To find the primary contact for a location, click the Details tab and then on the General section. Primary contact will be in the same area as Special instructions.

This field can be edited to include an existing contact or a new contact can be created if not already in your Turvo tenant.

Note: The location needs to be added to the Belongs to section of a contact’s profile before a contact can be assigned as the location primary contact. You can also add the contact to the location via the Contacts tab.

To find the primary contact for a customer or carrier account, click the Details tab and then on the General section. Within the General section, you’ll click on the Profile block to reveal the Primary contact. Primary contact will be in the same area as Special instructions and Website.

Account owner

Customer and carrier accounts will also have one Account owner associated with their account. The Account owner is the Turvo user within your organization who is responsible for that customer or carrier account. The account owner can be found in the Details tab under the Account owner section.

Note: If an account is created manually, the person who created the account will be the default Account owner, which can be updated. If an account is created via an API or from another source, the Account owner will be “Turvo System Bot”.

Contact sharing


When a location is added to a shipment as a stop, the primary contact for that location is added to the route details as the Contact. The primary contact’s information is also shared with the shipper (customer) and carrier for that shipment.

Note: If a Primary contact is not assigned to a location before it’s added as a stop to a shipment, the contact will not be shared to other tenants.

The primary contact for the carrier, as well as the pickup and delivery stops, are displayed within the shipment Details. To view this contact information, click Route to expand the stop information, including Contact information.


Customer accounts

When a shipment is shared with a shipper (customer), only the Account owner designated for your customer account is shared in the shipment details. The Primary contact and other contacts are not shared.

To view a shipper contact that has been shared with the shipment click the Contacts tab within the shipment.

If a shipment is shared with a party that does not have a contact associated with it, there will be a note within the Details tab saying “No contacts associated.” 

Carrier accounts

Shipments shared with the carrier act the same way as customers. The Account owner associated with the carrier account is shared in the shipment Contacts. With both Customer and Carrier sharing, the Contact entity is created and linked to the shipment in the shared tenant.

Note: Once a contact is shared, it cannot be unshared, but it can be removed from the accounts, locations, etc. that it was shared with.


When a carrier adds a driver to the load from their tenant, that contact is shared with the broker/customer tenant as well. This can be found under the Details tab under Carriers > Driver


This information can also be found under the Contacts tab within the shipment. In the screenshot below, the carrier contact (driver) as well as the customer contact can be viewed in the Contacts in the shipper/broker tenant.

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