Turvo's Descartes MacroPoint telematics integration for Brokers

The Descartes MacroPoint Broker integration is for Turvo customers who are tracking shipments in MacroPoint (MP) through the MP driver app or MP ELD device and would like to share those tracking updates back to Turvo. 

This is a broker integration for tracking shipments in the MacroPoint driver app and sharing that information back to Turvo. If you require the MacroPoint carrier integration that pushes Turvo shipment and tracking information to MacroPoint, see Turvo's MacroPoint telematics integration for carriers

Important note: This integration currently only supports location updates from MacroPoint to Turvo.

Important MP integration considerations

  • Macropoint does not support segments with multiple carriers. We recommend that you  build them as separate shipments.
  • If you must switch carriers in the middle of the load, cancel the load, and create a new shipment.
  • If you change a route in Turvo after the shipment is created in Macropoint, it will not update in Macropoint. 
  • The Maximum Allowable Driving Hours Per Day for a single driver is 11 and for team drivers is 22.

Enabling the Descartes MacroPoint to Turvo integration

Enablement prerequisites

Before initiating a connection between your Turvo tenant and Descartes MacroPoint, you must first create an account with Descartes MacroPoint. 

Enter the credentials below into Turvo to establish the connection:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Partner mp id
  • Email list
    • Note: This email is used by MacroPoint to send location updates and or Arrival or Departure notifications

Be sure to store these credentials in a safe place, as you will need to enter them into Turvo in the following steps. 

Enabling Descartes MacroPoint telematics in Integration hub

Once your Descartes MacroPoint account is created and the above credentials are obtained, follow these steps to enable the MacroPoint integration:

  1. Log into your Turvo tenant and navigate to the Admin console via the Profile icon at the top right corner of the screen.


  2. Click the Integration hub tile.


  3. Scroll down to the Telematics integrations section of the Available Integrations tab and click the Descartes MacroPoint tile.

    Note: There are two MacroPoint tiles. Be sure to click the Descartes MacroPoint one in the Telematics Integrations section.


  4. In the Integrate tab, enter the following credentials obtained from Descartes MacroPoint as described in the Enablement prerequisites section of this article:

      • Username
      • Password
      • Partner mp id
      • Email list
        Note: The email address used for the Email list credential should be a valid universal email address. This email is used to send location updates and arrival and departure notifications. 

  5. After you enter the credentials, the CONNECT button at the bottom corner of the screen changes from grey to blue. Click CONNECT to establish the connection.


Webhooks and Authentication

Obtain your busID from Turvo 

Contact your Turvo representative to obtain your unique busID

Important note: You can’t proceed to the next step until you have obtained the busID.

Share Webhooks and Authentication with MacroPoint

Once you have obtained your BusID from your Turvo representative, you can share your location updates Webhooks URL and Authentication with your MacroPoint representative:

  • Webhooks URL: https://app.turvo.com/api/locationUpdates/external/{busId}
      • Replace the busID placeholder text in the URL with your actual busID that you received from your Turvo representative in the step above.
      • Example: https://app.turvo.com/api/locationUpdates/external/12345
  • Authentication: Credentials to access above Webhooks URL are the same as the credentials you entered in the Integration hub, and provided from MP in Step 1.
      • Username
      • Password

Carrier Export List

Note: This section is optional. Complete this section if you would like to onboard carriers and track ELD. You can skip to the Track location updates in Turvo section below if you are only using a MacroPoint mobile device. 

Obtain your Carrier List

Reach out to your Turvo representative to obtain your carrier list export file. 

The carrier list must contain: 

  • Full Carrier Name
  • DOT
  • Carrier ID
  • Carrier MC (optional)

Send Carrier List to MacroPoint

Once you have received your carrier list export file from your Turvo representative, share that file with your MacroPoint representative. 

MacroPoint will import the ELD-integrated carriers on your list. After MacroPoint completes the carrier import, you can begin tracking ELD.  To add additional carriers, create a support ticket with MacroPoint by emailing servicedesk@descartes.com with the carrier information listed above. 

Integration Checklist

Before you move to the next section, check that you have completed each step in the order listed below:

  1. Obtain MacroPoint credentials
  2. Enable Descartes MacroPoint in Integration hub
  3. Obtain busID from Turvo
  4. Provide MacroPoint with Webhooks URL and Authentication

Once you have completed steps 1-4, you can begin tracking location updates.

Optional Steps* for customers who want to onboard carriers and track ELD

  1. Obtain Carrier List from Turvo*
  2. Provide Carrier List to MacroPoint*

Track location updates in Turvo

Now that you have completed the integration steps, you are ready to track location updates in Turvo.

Select the Tracking Provider

To begin tracking a shipment, navigate to the shipment you want to track via Shipment > Details > Carriers, then scroll down and click Tracking Provider > + Add tracking provider

In the Tracking provider segment, select the following:

  • Tracking provider: MacroPoint
  • Asset identifier type: Mobile
  • Asset identifier value: enter the driver's mobile number

Note: The user associated with the mobile number must download the Macropoint mobile app and allow tracking.


If tracking via ELD, select Vehicle ID - GPS Provider from the Asset identifier drop-down and enter the corresponding vehicle ID under Asset identifier value.  

Note: In order to track via ELD, you must provide MacroPoint with a list of carriers, as mentioned in the optional Carrier Export section above. 


To see the location updates of your shipment, navigate to the shipment you are tracking and click the blue tracking icon


Note: This integration currently supports location updates only.  

If you need to send multiple tracking identifiers (e.g., Truck ID, Trailer ID, Mobile Phone), use the Segment IDs section within the carrier block to add these additional identifiers.

When sending a Mobile Number, Truck ID, and/or Trailer ID, MacroPoint will prioritize them in the following order:

  • Truck ID
  • Trailer ID
  • Mobile Phone


For more detailed information on how telematics integrations work in Turvo, how to assign telematics to assets, and tracking shipments with telematics, see our Connecting to telematics providers in Turvo article. 

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