Turvo's Motive (formerly KeepTruckin) carrier-centric integration

With Turvo’s Visibility of Vehicles (carrier-centric) Motive integration, you can seamlessly monitor and track your Motive vehicles in real-time without the need to post to load boards. 

Important note: The integration does not currently support Motive assets. However, Motive vehicles can be added as assets in Turvo.

Enablement Prerequisites

Before you enable the Visibility of Vehicles (carrier-centric) Motive integration in the Turvo Integration hub, you need to create an account with Motive and have your username and password available. 

Enabling the carrier-centric Motive integration in the Integration hub

The first step to enable Motive for your tenant is to connect your Turvo tenant to Motive via Integration hub. Follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Click the Profile icon in the top right corner of your screen and select Admin console from the drop-down menu.


Step 2: 

Click the Integration hub card.


Step 3:

In the Available Integrations tab, scroll down to the Telematics integrations section and click the Motive Formerly KeepTruckin tile.


Step 4:

On the Motive Formerly KeepTruckin page, click the Integrate tab if you’re not already there.


Protip: Click the About tab for a description of the integration, step-by-step setup instructions, and key benefits of the integration.

Step 5:

To establish the connection between your tenant and Motive (formerly KeepTruckin), click ENABLE INTEGRATION. You will be automatically redirected to the Motive site. 


Step 6:

Log in to your Motive account in the pop-up window.


Note: If the pop-up window does not appear, you may already be logged into Motive on a different tab within the same browser.

Once you’re logged in to Motive, click Install.


After you click Install, you are redirected back to Integration hub. You can now see that the integration button displays ENABLED and is greyed out.


Add Motive vehicles as assets in Turvo:

Once the integration is successfully enabled, you need to assign Motive to your assets in Turvo to track and monitor your Motive vehicles. 

Important note: The integration does not currently support Motive assets. However, Motive vehicles can be added as assets in Turvo.

To add Motive vehicles as assets, navigate to Turvo > Assets > TL > + Add Asset 


When adding Motive vehicles in the Add Asset pop-up window, be sure to add the following:

  • Asset number: Motive Internal Vehicle ID
  • Tracking Provider: GoMotive

Note: To locate the Motive Internal Vehicle ID, open the individual Motive vehicle in your Motive dashboard, and copy the ID from the URL, shown in the image below.


Note: You do not need to add the Sensor ID


You can now begin tracking.

For more detailed information on how telematics integrations work in Turvo, how to assign telematics to assets, and tracking shipments with telematics, see our Connecting to telematics providers in Turvo article.

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