2023-R1 and 2023-R1 Patch One API Release Notes

Published on February 16, 2023

This article details the new APIs and updates to Turvo's Public API for the 2023-R1 and the 2023-R1 Patch One releases.

New APIs

We added two new APIs: Reservations and Appointments. 

  • Appointments
    The Appointments API enables you to:
    • Create appointments
    • Update appointments
    • Retrieve appointments
    • Delete appointments

  • Reservations
    The Reservations API enables you to:
    • Create reservations
    • Update reservations
    • Delete reservations
    • Create slots for a facility
    • Delete slots for a facility
    • Read daily slot and reservation calendar details

For more information on appointments and reservations in Turvo, see Understanding appointment schedules.

For a list of the Turvo fixed issues and announcements for the 2023-R1 Patch One release, see the 2023-R1 Patch One Release Notes.

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