Removing an Order from a Shipment

In the case that you need to remove an order from a shipment, Turvo will update the order status, shipment details, and the shipment timeline, and associated entities to reflect the changes. For more information on managing orders and shipments, see Managing advanced order details and Managing advanced shipment details in the Help Center.

Configuring the status of an order removed from a shipment

Follow the steps outlined below to configure the status of an order removed from a shipment.

Step 1:

Navigate to the Admin Console by clicking on your profile icon in the top right corner of your dashboard and select Admin console from the drop-down menu.


Step 2:

Click the Rules card.


Step 3:

On the Rules page, click the Order header in the column to the left. Then, click the Configurations section header if not already selected. Then, click Status to expand the options. 


Step 4:

To enable the order status rule, click the Auto-update order status on shipment dissociation toggle to the blue ON position. Next, choose which status your order will default to when dissociated from a shipment. Click the appropriate status and then click SAVE to save your changes. 

Order status options for this rule include:

  • Draft (This is the default selection.)
  • Submitted 
  • Confirmed


Removing an order from a shipment 

To dissociate an order from a shipment, navigate to the Orders tab and click the More Options menu (three dots) of the order you want to remove.


Then, click Remove.



Confirm that you want to remove the shipment by clicking YES. You no longer see the order on the Orders tab.


Navigate to the shipment’s Timeline tab to see that the timeline has been updated with the Order ID that was removed from the shipment. 


Removing an order when consolidated

When a consolidated order that consists of multiple orders from the same customer is removed from a shipment, Turvo removes the order details listed below from the shipment:

  • IDs 
  • Additional attributes 
  • Stops from the Route and updates the Route Summary card
    • Important Note: If the stops are associated with any other active order, they are not removed from the route.
  • Stops from the customer order 
  • Items
  • Groups
  • Cost line items

In the case that all orders from a consolidated customer order are removed, Turvo removes the entire consolidated customer order from the shipment

Removing an order when not consolidated

When an order is removed and orders from the same customer are not consolidated into one customer order:

  • The linked customer order is removed from the shipment. 
  • The linked customer order is removed from associated stops on the route.
  • The Global Route is updated.
    • If the stops on the removed order have no other associated customer orders, the stops are removed from the route and the map, Route summary card, Overview card are updated.
    • If the stops on the removed order have at least one other customer order, the stop is not removed from the route.
  • If all the orders are removed, all customer orders are removed and the shipment is canceled.

Removing a shipment from an order

Alternatively, orders and shipment can be dissociated by navigating to the order’s Shipments tab, and clicking the More Options menu (three dots) of the shipment you want to remove from the order. 


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