Arrange dashboard cards

Dashboard cards are a way for Turvo users to quickly review key information and take action. Users have the flexibility to toggle the ability to arrange dashboard cards for their tenant. This flexibility allows users to focus their attention on the information that is most important to them while hiding the rest.

Admin, Super Admin, Financial Admin, and custom roles with Admin permissions can enable and disable dashboard card configuration and make selections for dashboard cards for the tenant.

Important Note: This feature is not available to users of a Turvo tenant that are connected to a partner’s tenant. Only users with accounts that are associated with the host tenant’s organization can access this feature and with the appropriate roles and permissions.

Configuring dashboard cards arrangement

  1. To begin, navigate to the Admin console by clicking on your profile icon in the top right corner of your dashboard and select Admin console from the drop-down menu.


  1. Click the Rules card.


  1. On the Rules page, click the Others header, and then click the Dashboards header under Configurations.


  1. Toggle Configure dashboard cards to the blue ON position to enable dashboard cards. Then, click the checkboxes for the dashboard cards you want to enable for your tenant.


  1. After making your selections, click SAVE.


Arranging your dashboard cards

  1. From your Turvo dashboard, click the More Options menu (three dots) at the top right.
  2. Then click Rearrange cards.
  3. Now, you can arrange your dashboard with the cards that you want and hide any cards you don’t want to see by clicking the X at the top right of the card. Then click SAVE.


Re-enabling hidden cards

Clicking the X on a dashboard card will hide the card from the dashboard view but does not delete the card. You can re-enable the card’s visibility by clicking the More Options menu (three dots) > Rearrange cards and scrolling to the Hidden section.

To re-enable the card, simply click on it. Then click SAVE to save your changes.


Reset dashboard cards to the default setting

You can change your dashboard cards back to the Turvo default setting at any point by clicking the More Options menu (three dots) and clicking Reset to default.


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