Manually update ETA

With the use of telematics and dynamic ETAs, Turvo calculates when a shipment is due to arrive at the next stop on a route. Once a shipment status is Dispatched, the estimated time of arrival (ETA) is calculated. You can manually update an ETA when call checks that take place in between location pings cause the ETA to change. Manual updates are overridden once the next telematics location ping is received.

Important note: This feature is not enabled by default. Contact your Turvo representative to have the feature enabled for your tenant.

Protip: See our ETA calculations: Configuring max distance and speed for approximate Hours of Service for more information on ETA.

Steps to manually update the ETA

  1. Navigate to the shipment whose ETA you wish to update.
    Note: The shipment must be in the Ship phase to manually update the ETA.

  2. Click the FAB (fast action button).image3.png

  3. Click Update ETA.

  4. Complete all required fields in the Update ETA window and click SAVE.

Required fields include:

  • Route
  • Stop
  • Date
  • Reason
  • Notes - This field is optional unless Other is selected as the reason, then it becomes mandatory.

Updated ETA in the shipment timeline

Once the ETA is manually updated, the changes are reflected in the shipment timeline.image4.png

Important note: Manual updates to ETA are overridden when telematics sends a location ping.

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