Migrating DAT from SOAP to REST API

Turvo is switching our DAT integration from SOAP API to REST API. While this change will not cause many noticeable differences to Turvo's DAT integration, we updated the login process to connect DAT accounts with Turvo.

Migrating from SOAP API to REST API

Step 1:

Contact your DAT representative to obtain your DAT service account credentials (for example, your username with email/password).

Note: These new credentials are for your organization (organization level) and not for individual users. 

Step 2:

After you have received your credentials from your DAT representative, open a Turvo support ticket requesting Turvo to enable the new DAT REST-based API integration for your tenant.

Be sure to indicate if you require the DAT Book Now feature.

Final Step 

After your Turvo Support Ticket is completed and your existing DAT integration has been migrated to the REST-based API:

  • Add your DAT service account credentials in Admin Console > Settings > Shipments > Loadboard > DAT
  • Click SAVE.


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