2022-R4 Patch Two Release Notes

This article features the 2022-R4 Patch Two new features and fixed issues released to production on December 16, 2022.

See the 2023 Turvo Release Schedule article for a list of milestone dates and links to published release Notes, Lists, and Announcements for the current release and past releases.

The Patch Two feature list and notes are included in the following sections:

  • 2022-R4 Patch Two features and enhancements
  • 2022-R4 Patch Two fixed issues

2022-R4 Patch Two features and enhancements

Collaboration, Visibility, and Productivity (CVP)

  • CR-12158: Hazmat contact information in document templates

    For shipment items marked as Hazmat, you can retrieve and display the following information listed on the items in the carrier rate confirmation, the customer rate confirmation, the bill of lading (BOL), and customer invoice documents you generate using the Document templates feature:

    • Identification number
    • Proper shipping name
    • Hazard Class
    • Packing Group
    • Emergency Contact

Contact your Turvo representative to have this feature enabled for your Document templates.

Important note: The BOL document template is available in the Admin console > Document templates page on tenants with the custom templates feature enabled. You must configure the BOL custom template’s HTML file to properly display these Hazmat fields.

See Managing Items 2.0 in Turvo to learn more about configuring Hazmat information on items. For more information on document templates, see How to configure Document templates in Admin console.


Transportation, Excellence, and Planning (TEP)

  • Date validation warning visibility
    We improved the fast action button (FAB) window to make it easier to see when a date validation warning is shown. The FAB window now automatically scrolls to show you the warning.


2022-R4 Patch Two fixed issues

The following table lists the issues resolved in the 2022-R4 Patch Two release. 

Zendesk ticket numbers

Issue description

19716 Resolved an issue with the TAB key not allowing a section to be auto-selected
21033 Investigated and resolved some missing notifications when an offer was countered
21532 and 22175 Fixed instances of blank preview image showing in global search
21586 Resolved an issue causing rejected pings on the Driver app for a shipment
21666 Corrected some inaccurate DAT load board postings
21771 Researched and corrected an issue with per unit pricing associated with routing guides
22029 Resolved an error message when creating a carrier tenant

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