Add and share a carrier invoice

In order to keep all shipment-related documents housed in one central place, Turvo allows uploading of carrier invoices directly to the corresponding shipment. When uploading invoices into Turvo, this is also a great way to combine the checking process to ensure that the invoice you've received from the carrier reflects the pricing that was quoted on the shipment. Please read on below for complete steps!

Create a carrier invoice:

To create a carrier invoice,

  1. Log in to Turvo and navigate to the shipment for which you’d like to generate the invoice.
    1. Make sure it has a carrier as well as the relevant costs added, and that these match the invoice received from the carrier.
    2. To adjust a carrier cost, navigate to the Details tab of your shipment, scroll down to the Carriers block, and click on the Costs section. In the example below, the carrier cost is $800:


  1. Next, select the Documents tab of the shipment and select + Add document:


  1. Choose Carrier invoice under the Document type drop-down list:


Protip: Unlike customer invoices, Turvo will not generate a file for carrier invoices. Carrier invoices should come from the carrier(s) you've worked with on the shipment, and can be uploaded to the shipment for record-keeping purposes.

  1. Enter the relevant details in the Add document modal. A description of each data field is explained below.


    1. Document type: This will auto-populate with the document type.
      1. In this case, Carrier invoice. However, if you made this selection by mistake, you can simply open the drop down menu and select the correct document you intended to make.
    2. Name/Description: Enter the name and description of the invoice here; both fields are optional. Unless pre-determined guidelines have been set by your employer, we suggest formatting it as the following: [CustomerName], [ShipmentID][Date]. 
    3. Carrier: This will auto-populate with the name of the carrier on the shipment.
    4. Invoice date: This will auto-populate with the date you created the invoice on but can be adjusted to any date.
    5. Invoice amount: This value will auto populate from the invoice. This value reflects the amount paid to the carrier for the shipment.
    6. Adjust costs: If you find that the invoice and the auto-populated costs amount do not match, you may click the Adjust costs blue link to go back to the shipment and change the costs. This will navigate you away from creating the invoice and you will need to start over.
    7. Due date: This date reflects the Payment Terms set up in the Admin Console > Payments section of the company profile. To adjust terms, see this article.
    8. Invoice #: Enter the corresponding invoice number.
    9. Status: The status of the document upon creation. Select from: 
      1. Draft: Often a standby state; wherein the invoice has a baseline for costs but is not ready to be shared yet.
      2. Received: The customer has received the invoice and has yet to reply.
      3. Approved: The customer agrees to the terms and costs outlined.
        1. Note: Your company may be configured such that the status must be set to Approved for the invoice to be sent to your financial management system. If unsure, check with your organization.
      4. Rejected: The customer does not agree with the costs or terms of the invoice.
      5. Void: A Void status may be needed if services are refunded or adjusted, and you want to keep the original version for your records.
    10. Document: Drag and drop the carrier invoice OR click on Document field to upload the document.
      1. Note: You can attach up to 20 megabytes (MB) in size to a document.

Share the invoice with the carrier

If you are working with a Turvo-connected carrier, you have the option to share the invoice with them as a part of the shipment record. At the bottom of the Add document modal, you will see a sharing drop-down menu. This menu may show a padlock symbol and My company:


This means the invoice will only be shared with your organization. If your carrier does not appear as a sharing option here, they do not have their own Turvo tenant and invoices cannot be shared

Or, it may list your organization and the carrier:


This means that the document will be shared with the carrier.

Creating the invoice without sharing

If you do not wish to share the document with the carrier, click the carrier name until no checkmark appears to the left of the name (should be just one click).

Complete creation of the carrier invoice

  1. Once your sharing settings are selected, click APPLY.


  1. Select UPLOAD to upload the carrier invoice to the shipment. Uploaded documents associated with any shipment can always be found by navigating to the Documents tab within the shipment.

Auto-create and approve carrier invoices

Enabling the option to auto-create and approve carrier invoices provides a streamlined workflow for the carrier invoicing process. To set up this workflow for your carriers, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Navigate to the carrier details by clicking Accounts > Carriers in the left navigation or searching for the carrier using the global search bar. 


  1. Navigate to the Details tab and scroll down to the Payments segment. Click Payments to expand, then click Method to expand. 


  1. Check the Auto invoice box and click SAVE to save your changes.


  1. Now, whenever a shipment that’s assigned to the carrier is moved into Ready for billing status, Turvo automatically generates a carrier invoice and keeps the document in a Draft status or moves the document to an Approved status, depending on your tenant’s configuration.
    1. The shipment status will also automatically move to Processing

Note: If there are multiple carriers assigned to the same shipment, invoices will be automatically generated for those carriers with Auto invoice enabled in their carrier profile.

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