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Any carrier your organization works with to complete shipments should be added to your tenant under the Carriers section. Once created, carriers can be assigned to shipments and details of each shipment can be shared. Carriers must be created before you can begin adding them to shipments, so be sure to add relevant carrier details as soon as possible after forming a relationship.

We also have a video on this topic! Check out the Creating a carrier video.

  1. Log in and click on the + sign in the upper right corner of your screen and click Carrier

  2. In the Create carrier modal, select whether your new carrier is in the US or Europe and how you’d like to search for the carrier. You can choose to search by Carrier name, MC #, DOT #, or SCAC for US carriers and Carrier name or VAT ID for European carriers.Create_carrier_modals.png

    If none of these are available, you can choose to enter the carrier's information manually by selecting Enter manually.

    Searching via SaferSys by entering the Carrier name, MC #, DOT #, SCAC, or VAT ID is typically faster, as the system will fill in many carrier details for you so manual data entry isn't needed. Finding carriers in this manner also ensures they are active with the FMCSA.

    If no match is found, check your information to ensure you typed it correctly. If SaferSys is still unable to find the carrier, fill in the details manually.
    • Carrier name
    • Parent account: Entering a parent account will link your carrier to the larger parent organization to easily view all related account details in one location. For more information on parent accounts, see our article on creating account hierarchies.
    • DOT Number: A carrier’s DOT number is used as a unique identifier, so be sure it’s entered correctly.
    • MC number: Only available for US carriers. A carrier’s MC number is another unique identifier for the carrier, so be sure it’s entered correctly.
    • SCAC: Only available for US carriers.
    • VAT ID: Only available for carriers in Europe.
    • Phone

Note: The Carrier name is the only field required to create a new carrier profile. All others are optional, but recommended if applicable. All information entered into the modal can be updated after creation, if needed. For more information on editing carrier details after they've been created, see our Viewing and editing carrier details article. 

Once all the details have been filled out, the CREATE button will change from grey to blue. Click CREATE to create the carrier. All carriers added to your tenant can be found by navigating to Account > Carriers from the left navigation menu.

For more information on editing carrier details after they've been created, see our Viewing and editing carrier details article.

Setting the Carrier as Active

The carrier is created in the Created status and must be set to the Active status. To set the carrier as active, follow the steps below:

  1. From the carrier details page, click the FAB.

  2. Click Account Status.

  3. From the Status drop-down, select Active.

  4. Click SAVE to save your changes. 

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