2022-R4 Patch One Release Notes

This article features a comprehensive list of the 2022-R4 Patch One new features and fixed issues released to production on November 18, 2022.

See the 2023 Turvo Release Schedule article for a list of milestone dates and links to published release Notes, Lists, and Announcements for the current release and past releases.

The Patch One feature list and notes are included in the following sections:

2022-R4 Patch One features and enhancements


  • Enhancement to the user invitation toggle
    The configuration for user invitations is now toggled to OFF by default. Newly created users will not be sent an invitation. If you need newly-created users to receive invites, navigate to
    Admin console > Rules > Users > Invitation and toggle the configuration ON.

November 18 Update: We are reverting this change back to the original functionality of user invitations being ON by default. You can continue to toggle the configuration OFF by navigating to Admin console > Rules > Users > Invitation. 

For more detailed information on business rules, see Configuring business rules for users.


  • CR-13497: TL shipment cancellations and updates in Turvo will also update in P44
    Previously, after a carrier was added to a shipment created in P44, any updates or modifications to that shipment in Turvo were not recorded by P44. Now, when you update or cancel a shipment in Turvo, those changes are also reflected in P44.

    Also, shipment exceptions are now created if there are any issues in P44 that cause failures during shipment creation. You will see a shipment exception, a reason for failure, and a description of the failure.

    To learn more about Turvo’s P44 TL Telematics integration, see Connecting P44 as a telematics provider for TL assets and shipments.


  • STL-512: Enhancement to Proof of Delivery (POD) setting combinations

    Depending on your tenant’s billing document rule settings, the Append POD (Proof of delivery) checkbox in the Add Document modal will be automatically checked or unchecked when creating customer invoices.

    See Configuring required document rules for customer invoicing to learn more about these settings.

Transportation, Excellence, and Planning (TEP)

  • Copying shipments to groups

    We added a Groups checkbox to the Copy Shipment modal. When checked, the new shipment is assigned to all groups that the original shipment is assigned to, including those added manually, and groups that were inherited from the original shipment’s associated customers, carriers, locations, and orders.

    For more information, see our Copying shipments article in the Turvo Help Center.

  • CR-13675: Identify P44 and MacroPoint onboarded carriers and see when Turvo assigned them to a shipment

    In the shipment’s Details tab > Carriers block, the carrier tag is now visible when you hover over the information icon next to the carrier’s name. This is helpful if you are using carrier tags to identify the preferred tracking provider.

    Also, we have added a Tracking provider column and filter option in the Shipments page list view, allowing you to filter shipments that are assigned and tracked via the selected tracking provider. P44 or MacroPoint, for example.

    For more information regarding the Carriers block in the shipment Details tab, see our Managing advanced shipment details article in the Turvo Help Center.

2022-R4 Patch One fixed issues

The following table lists the issues resolved in the 2022-R4 Patch One release. 

Zendesk ticket numbers

Issue description

Multiple tickets Fixed profile pictures that were not uploading for customer accounts
20676 Corrected some inaccurate Truckstop postings
21054 Billing addresses that were previously not able to import with correct information via the RMIS integration are now importing correctly 
21274 Routing guides are now functioning as expected when activated
21282 Resolved instances of not being able to search by carrier invoice numbers 
21288 and 21359 Prevented payments issued to carriers are now working as expected
21342 Resolved an issue with the customer block warning notification being triggered 
21424 Carrier notifications are now being delivered as expected
21432 Researched and resolved a carrier payment mapping error
21454 Investigated and resolved an extra generated rate-con   

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