Items and Inventory in Turvo: Introduction

Turvo’s Items feature provides the ability to create a product catalog of items and attributes in Turvo that can be used for reference or when building orders. 

The Inventory system builds on items, consolidating your WMS and ERP solutions into a single source of truth for yourselves and your customers, all without leaving Turvo. By ingesting data from your existing WMS or ERP solutions, Turvo’s Inventory feature provides seamless visibility of inventory levels and the orders attached to them. This information is available to you and your  external customers in near real time.

If you’re interested in getting started with items and inventory and having it configured for your tenant, reach out to your Turvo representative.

Inventory and Item Versions

Turvo currently supports two different versions of items and inventory: Legacy and Inventory 2.0

  • Inventory and Items 2.0: Powerful inventory feature that allows you to build an inventory hierarchy by setting custom identification for tracking (for example, lots, pallets, serial numbers). You are able to manage inventory independent of location and take bulk actions for holds.
  • Inventory and Items Legacy Version: The legacy version of inventory organizes items only by location and offers fewer filters and management controls.

Why there are two versions

All tenants that enable Items and Inventory will have the 2.0 version to take advantage of the more advanced features. The Legacy version exists to support Turvo’s early adopters of the inventory system. The Legacy version will eventually be retired.

How to tell which version your company uses

If your company already uses Turvo’s inventory system, but you aren’t sure which one, there’s an easy way to tell.

Click on Inventory on the main navigation bar.


On the right side of the top bar, you’ll see buttons filtering and sorting. 


If you see a card view available, you are in the Legacy version of inventory.


If no card view is available, you are using Inventory 2.0.


Inventory and Items Documentation

As Turvo currently supports two versions of items and inventory, there are two sets of documentation in the Help Center. Use the outlines and links below to find more information.

Items and Inventory 2.0

Items and Inventory - Legacy Version

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