Turvo Reports - Reference IDs

The Reference IDs card provides tables where you can find the unique internal reference IDs for carriers, customers, locations, and items in your tenant used during integration.


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Important note: Unlike all other reports, the reports found in the Reference IDs card are specifically for carriers that do not have filter options. Select from Carrier, Customer, Location, or Item master reference IDs.

View the IDs table

To see the list view of the IDs in a table, click the name of the ID type in the reference ID card. 

Note: The ID categories shown in the image may not match the categories for your tenant.


The report opens into the list view, showing the Turvo Reference ID and other secondary IDs for the selected ID type.


To sort a specific column in ascending or descending order, click the sort icon in the top-right corner of the table.


ID types shown

The Carrier, Customer, and Location reference IDs reports include the following IDs for each entity in the report (if added to that entity):

  • Carrier/Customer/Location name
  • Reference ID
  • CRM ID
  • ERP ID
  • Project ID
  • Contract ID
  • Other

The Item master reference IDs report display the Item name and the Turvo Reference ID for each item entity.

Generate the report 

To generate your ID report, click one of the following options:


  • Download: Click this option to output a .xls (spreadsheet) file to your PC or Mac. The following image will display if the report you want to generate is a large file size.

  • Email: Click this option to email a large report file to a designated email address (or multiple addresses) after the report is built.
    You can manually enter additional email addresses in the To field. Click SEND to build the report and email it to the recipient(s).


  • Print: Click this option to print the report.

Note: ID Reports display Reference IDs and Secondary IDs. 

Depending on the downloaded report, the IDs for Carriers, Customers, Locations, and Items on your tenant will be displayed in the report file. If an item has multiple IDs in the report file, they will all be displayed and separated by a comma.

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